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McKinstry Awards CEF $500 for the LMS Archery Program

CEF has received a $500 designated grant for the LMS Archery Program from Bob Eggart and McKinstry Charitable Corporation. This grant money will go to help the new archery program started by Pat Ogden in the middle school. Mr. Ogden will use the money to buy targets, bows, and arrows. Mr. Ogden will be taking 20 LMS students to Wenatchee on March 20 for the state Archery Tournament. Good Luck Lancers!!


Promise Scholar Luncheon at CHS

On March 24, the eight Promise Scholars at CHS along with their advisors, counselors, principals and CEF members will enjoy a pizza lunch together. The purpose of this lunch is to catch up on how these young scholarship students' high school year is going. The Promise Scholars were each awarded $500 scholarships during their 8th grade year and will receive upon graduation from high school and entrance into any postsecondary institution.


Potlatch Awards CEF $2500 for Science Equipment

Potlatch Corporation has donated $2500 to the Clarkston Education Foundation to purchase science equipment. The money will be used by the Clarkston High School Science Department to purchase 8 handheld Vernier LabQuest interface units. These units will improve the student’s involvement with science experiments and stimulate their interest in data collection and modern technology. 

The Clarkston Education Foundation is proud to be partnering with Potlatch to improve the science equipment at Clarkston High School. We greatly appreciate their contribution to our efforts of enhancing education in Clarkston schools.





Clarkston Education Foundation joins Dollars for Scholars and Receives $2000 State Matching Grant!

The Clarkston Education Foundation (CEF) is now a chapter affiliate of Northwest Dollars for Scholars and Scholarship America®, regional and nationally recognized nonprofit student aid organizations. 

As an affiliate, we receive annual preference for a $2,000 state matching grant to help build our scholarship program. Additionally, our recipients are ensured proper treatment of their scholarships when going to any of the 25 participating Washington colleges in the Dollars for Scholars Collegiate Partner Program. Gonzaga University, Pacific Lutheran University, St. Martin’s College, Central Washington University and Heritage University will also match a scholarship that we award to a student enrolling in their institutions. The Clarkston Education Foundation is excited to be a part of this nationwide organization!

Due to our affiliation with Dollars for Scholars, on April 8, 2008, the Clarkston Education Foundation was awarded a $2,000 matching endowment grant by the WA Dept of Higher Education Coordinating Board. We thank them for their continued support of education in our community. In addition, thank you to our generous donors who helped us receive this grant by donating to CEF. 

We look forward to helping more Clarkston students prepare for college and expand access to educational opportunities through scholarships and academic support.


Clarkston Education Foundation Accomplishments

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